Strategy | JV Pharmland LLC


Sustainable development and moving forward with an uncompromising priority
to the quality of products and taking care of each patient


Improving health and improving the quality of life due to the best traditions and advanced achievements of medicine and pharmaceutics


"Today Pharmland faces serious challenges.
These challenges have largely determined our development strategy
for the next few years.
First of all, we have a large-scale work to do,
to continue to confidently maintain the leading position
among drug companies"

"To be a leader, we must constantly move forward:
know the trends of the global pharmaceutical market, in a timely manner
to offer new medicines, to introduce modern
production technology, constantly take care of the quality of our products."

Ivan Logovoy
Co-owner and chairman of the board of directors of the Belarusian-Dutch
company Pharmland

Our values:

Efficiency and Quality

«Make a breakthrough and become a leader is an achievable goal,
if each of us will be guided by the values of Pharmland
in relations with colleagues and partners»

Ivan Logovoy