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Control of safety for the welfare of each patient

After filling out the message card, send it by e-mail to:

Mailing address: 222603, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh, ul. Leninskaya, d.124, building 3
Authorized person for pharmacovigilance, tel .: (8029) 644-00-45
Telephone / Fax: (01770) 2-00-84

Pharmacovigilance - a set of activities related to scientific research and activities aimed at identifying, assessing and understanding the possible negative consequences of medical use of drugs, preventing their occurrence and protecting patients. For us, one of the key tasks is to provide consumers with high-quality, effective and safe medicines, the benefits of which exceed possible risks. To monitor the safety and effectiveness of our medicines, we have created a department of Pharmacovigilance. In accordance with international standards, the manufacturer / holder of the registration certificate bears responsibility for the safety of the issued medicinal products, therefore he is obliged to exercise constant control over the safety of his products and, taking into account new information, regularly to re-evaluate the benefit / risk ratio. In identifying side effects, our specialists look for the cause of their occurrence, and also do everything necessary to minimize and prevent occurrence of side effects in the future.

We will be grateful for the provision of any information on the detection of atypical manifestations or side effects, or lack of effectiveness in the use of medicines of our manufacture. The information sent by you is strictly confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except as provided by law.