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The best solutions
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We find the best solutions in the development, relying on years of experience,
using advanced discoveries, taking care of each patient

Pharmland is not an ordinary pharmaceutical company. We are focused on the future, which is associated with high technology, with biotechnology. We develop those areas that not only benefit the company, but also make a significant contribution to the future: for human health, for the treatment of the most serious diseases.

Vadim Senchuk
Head of R&D department
2 R & D centers
Qualified specialists
20+ employees in R & D department

For years of work in the market of the Republic of Belarus products JV Pharmland with its high quality and affordable prices have earned the respect of health professionals and trust of buyers, which is guaranteed not only by the manufacturer accredited control and analytical laboratories Republic, but also by the control and analytical laboratory of the Netherlands where intermediate control of finished medicines is carried out forms and substances. Carrying out the multistage control of its products, Pharmland is convinced that in this way it guarantees to Belarusian buyers high quality of products, and, consequently, the desired clinical effect.

Genadiy Anikanov
Head of R & D department