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Training seminar "Colds: problems and solutions" for specialists of RUE "Belpharmacy"

24 July 2017 Company Events

July 20, 2017 On the basis of the JV "Farmland" LLC, a training seminar "Colds: problems and solutions" was held for the specialists of RUE "Belpharmacy".

In accordance with the program, the head of the marketing department Mikhalovskaya SP made a presentation to the participants of the seminar with a presentation on the history of development and the main directions of production of the Pharmland LLC. With great interest, the specialists listened to the lecture of Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Pharmacology of the Ural State Medical University Vdovichenko V.P. "Colds: problems and solutions."

Within the framework of the seminar the participants visited the production halls of the Belarusian-Dutch enterprise. The specialists were able to see the process of production of medicines, get answers to their questions from the company's technologists, express their wishes for further development of the range of products, taking into account the needs of practical health care.

Taking into account the geographic location of the JV "Pharmland", after the completion of the program of the on-site training seminar, guests were able to visit the famous palace and park ensemble and the church of the God's Body in Nesvizh, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The visiting seminar allowed the specialists to get acquainted with the JV "Pharmland" and its products, discuss the current issues of treatment of colds, and get new aesthetic impressions in Nesvizh, a city where the grand traditions of our ancestors and the modern rhythm of life of the Republic of Belarus are intertwined.