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Participation in the exhibition "Beauty and Health"

14 September 2017 Company Events

Beauty is inherent in everything healthy ...

Fedor Mukhailovich Dostoevsky

A woman - as an experience teaches us - Health with beauty are inseparable.

Lope de Vega

With these great people you can not argue, indeed, each of us in his life more than once convinced that beauty without health does not happen. Health and beauty are issues that are important for all of us.

That is why it was not by chance that the exhibition-fair that took place in Grodno on September 9-10, 2017, aroused keen interest among all residents and visitors of the city, who came to their shopping center "OLDCITY" on their day off on Dubko Street in Grodno. "It was unexpected and unusual to see in the foyer of the shopping center the stands of companies that introduced their products: cosmetics, clothing, biologically active food additives and medicines. But in fact it is very convenient to go shopping in the shopping center and immediately get advice from specialists on healthy lifestyle, on the services of cosmetology centers, on cold medicines, vitamins and herbal preparations, "the guests of the shopping center shared their impressions.

Employees of the company "Pharmland" took the most active part in this event, for which they were awarded with a special diploma of the organizer of the exhibition - Fair "Beauty and Health". It was interesting for residents of the city to get consultations from employees of the company with higher medical education, about the benefits of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids for the body, herbal preparations for maintaining men's health, vitamin supplements, drugs for cold symptoms, when the throat hurts and chills begins to bother - the actual problem on the eve of the rainy autumn season. It was interesting and just to look into the eyes of each other - representatives of the pharmaceutical company and people who use the medicines of this enterprise. And the plant then becomes not so abstract and alienated, but more familiar and personified, and buyers of products become for the producer not just consumers but people with their problems and joy, gratitude and new proposals.

We were pleased to work at the exhibition fair "Beauty and Health", and we hope to continue the meetings with the residents of Grodno in the future and to please them with their novelties for preserving and strengthening health and beauty.