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Open Day: Visiting Pharmland

17 September 2017 Company Events

On August 12, Pharmland company organized an excursion to Nesvizh for therapists and cardiologists of Grodno region. The program turned out to be very busy - visiting production, talking to representatives of the Pharmland enterprise, lectures of scientific healthcare professionals on cardiology and a walk through the Nesvizh Castle.

This format of meetings with doctors has already become traditional. According to the head of the marketing department Svetlana Mikhalovskaya, the company began to conduct field trips eight years ago: "First there were trial trips, it became clear that people are interested, now we travel regularly from May to October, while the heat. It's very lucky that our production is in Nesvizh, so you can combine business with pleasure - and with Pharmland you can meet and look into the castle. "

On the current production of medicines "Pharmland" doctors could trace from the inside behind all the stages of manufacturing medicines: solutions and tablets - from receipt of raw materials to multistage quality control of finished products. Chief technologist Adelina Yatsevich and production manager Mikhail Shashko led the guests through laboratories and workshops, showed the premises of different classes of cleanliness, demonstrated equipment, told about the raw materials used, and answered questions.

However, the most interesting part was the second part of the excursion - a plant for the production of medicines from human blood plasma. While at the plant only experimental batches of medicines for laboratory control and validation of technological processes are produced. Guests from Grodno had the opportunity to see from the inside a unique production, which has no analogues in the CIS countries. Technologist Svetlana Pobol showed the most modern equipment - tanks and reactors, installations for various types of filtration, industrial chromatographic systems and lines of sterile bottling of products. Doctors learned how plasma enters the plant, where and in what conditions it is stored, how its processing takes place and how quality control of albumin, intravenous immunoglobulin, clotting factors is carried out.

"Very useful excursion. I liked that they showed the "inner kitchen" - I, frankly, for the first time see the production of drugs that we constantly assign to our patients. And, of course, it was nice to visit a closed type enterprise. The technologists are well prepared, explained in very accessible form on the items, how everything works here, "commented Elena Antonovna Badak, a doctor of the 4th city polyclinic in Grodno.

After the excursion to the plants, the doctors were offered to listen to a lecture on modern aspects of the use of diuretics in cardiology conducted by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Natalia Tsapaeva and associate professor, Ph.D., Vadim Georgievich Tsapaev.

At the end of the day an excursion to Nesvizh Castle was organized for all comers, during which one could distract from medicine, enjoy architecture and take a walk in the picturesque Radziwill Park.