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JV "PHARMLAND" LLC is a Belarusian-Dutch pharmaceutical manufacturing company established in 1998. Currently, "PHARMLAND" is one of the leaders of the Belarusian pharmaceutical market in terms of production and sales of medicines, solutions and medical products.

JV "PHARMLAND" LLC carries out a full cycle of drug product development: from the search for a molecule to mass production and marketing. Pharmland's activities are focused on the production of medicines for the treatment of cardiological, neurological, infectious diseases, and also conducts research in the field of therapy for oncological, immunocompetent and other socially significant diseases.

The production of pharmaceutical products of the PHARMLAND company is certified for compliance with GMP EAEU. The production area is 9.5 thousand m2 and includes:

- workshop for the production of solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules, powders);

- workshop for the production of non-sterile liquid dosage forms;

- workshop for the production of sterile liquid dosage forms and lyophilizates;

- workshop for the production of drug products based on human blood plasma;

- workshop for the production of beta-lactam antibiotics (tablets, capsules and sterile powders).

The enterprise has 130 national registration certificates and 20 foreign registration certificates.

The number of employees of the company is 470 people.

Currently, PHARMLAND is implementing a large-scale investment project to create new production facilities for the production of finished drug products for the common pharmaceutical market of the EAEU (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).


9500 м2 of production space
5 production
140 items
in production
3 million patients are
treated with Pharmland
medicines annually