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About Pharmland

Improving healthcare and quality of life


Our company’s foundation

Pharmland was established as a Belarusian-Dutch joint venture in 1998, initially located in leased premises at Nesvizh Medical Preparations Plant. We began by producing infusion solutions in PVC containers, with an estimated volume of 330,000 packages per month. For the first time in the former Soviet Union, an infusion solution of isotonic sodium chloride, packaged in a PVC container, came off the assembly line of our young enterprise. Our innovative packaging solution has since been recognized by medical institutions in Belarus.


Production of ELISA test systems

Working with with specialists at Belarusian State University and leading Russian manufacturers of immunoenzyme diagnostic test systems and reagents, Pharmland specialists developed immunoenzymatic reagent kits. That same year, we perfected their production.


Opening of new liquid dosage production plant

In September 2009, we opened Pharmland’s new liquid medicines plant, focussing on solutions for injection and infusion, and concentrates for haemodialysis. $10 million were invested in the new plant, 4.5 million of which was spent on acquiring the most advanced equipment.


New production of solid dosage medicines

Production began at a new workshop, manufacturing solid dosage medicines. This was the result of cooperation between an alliance of international pharmaceutical companies, including India’s Holden Medical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., the Dutch Holden Medical B.V. and our own JV Pharmland LLC. Since then, the three companies have been jointly jointly developing new products and research, namely the search for, and selection of, high-quality pharmaceutical substances and auxiliary ingredients, and the production of ready-made dosage forms.

As a result of cooperation with our Dutch partners at Holden Medical, we perfected our production techniques for bioactive food supplements.


Enteral nutrition production begins

Having fully developed the underlying composition and technology, the manufacture of enteral nutrition mixtures was started. Our products have included Enterolin Optimum, Enterolin high-protein and high-calorie, Enterolin with dietary fiber, Enterolin high-protein and high-calorie with dietary fiber.


Pharmland received GMP and ISO 9001 certificates

Pharmland was awarded the national GMP certificate, regarding our work in infusion and injection production, tableted, encapsulated medicinal products, and syrups. We also received a certificate recognising our compliance with quality management requirements of ISO 9001 for medical device production sites.


Beginning of a new investment project

The first domestic consumable materials for conducting plasmapheresis and thrombocytopheresis have been developed. A new facility, financed by investment was put into operation - a plant for the production of medicines based on blood plasma. The volume of investments amounted to $23 million.

The plant’s production capacity stretches to 650 thousand litres of plasma per year. At the new plant, Pharmland plans to perfect the production of albumin, immunoglobulins, coagulation factors VIII and IX.


Registration of new medicines

The company registered and introduced into production new Oroseptin (INN-Phenol) and Miramistin medical sprays.
This year, our Sophir (INN - Sofosbuvir) medicinal product, manufactured in 400mg tablets, became one of the most effective means of comprehensive treatment of hepatitis C.


Registration of new medicines

Registration and production of new products: Monocalcin (INN Calcium carbonate), Sevoflurane (INN Sevoflurane), Lactulose Pharmland (INN Lactulose), Lysinate (INN Lysinate), Magnecor (INN Magnesium orotate) and Magneland.


Preparations Based on Human Blood Plasma

On August 2, 2021, commercial production of highly purified domestic drugs for clinical trials based on coagulation factor VIII (Pharmaklot) and coagulation factor IX (Pharmafix) was mastered for the first time in the history of Belarus and Russia.

In October 2021, the first domestic highly concentrated 20% solution of normal immunoglobulin for subcutaneous injection was created in the history of Belarus and Russia.

On October 21, 2021, the first domestic 25% solution of albumin in the history of Belarus and Russia was registered. The drug Albupharm (albumin for intravenous administration 5%, 10%, 20% and 25%) was registered by the Ministry of Health in the Russian Federation (RU No. LP-007522).


Preparations Based on Human Blood Plasma

On December 28, 2021, the first domestic 10% normal immunoglobulin for intravenous administration was registered in the history of Belarus and Russia. The drug Immunopharm (normal immunoglobulin for intravenous administration 5% and 10%) was registered by the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Belarus (RU No. 21/12/3210).

On December 29, 2021, a certificate of compliance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of the Eurasian Economic Union (GMP certificate No. 00087-2021/BY dated 12/29/2021) for the production of drugs from donor plasma in the dosage form “solutions for infusion” was obtained.

Pharmland today

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