About PharmLand

Established in 1998, PharmLand is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry of Belarus. The company sells its products in the territory of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

СП ООО "Фармлэнд"

PharmLand produces more than 100 kinds of medicines and 36 kinds of immunoassay diagnostic kits. The priority direction of activity is production and wholesale of more than 40 types of infusion solutions in PVC containers.download a list of all  products

Our activities:

  1. Manufacture of infusion and dialysis solutions in PVC packaging
  2. Production of powders for internal use
  3. Manufacture of tablets and capsules
  4. Production of diagnostic enzyme immunoassay kits for clinical laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases, cancer and endocrine diseases, neonatal screening.

Our company constantly receives feedback from medical experts. They agree that PharmLand produce high quality products. In 2008, PharmLand takes 3rd place in the rating of domestic producers. And in the rating of all producers (domestic and foreign) in the medical market of Belarus, our company is ranked 5th place, with market share of 3.25 %.

Pharmland - reliable producer of medicines and medical supplies.
We are sure: to save the good spirit in a healthy business, we must always follow our corporate rule - Constant development! High quality! Reasonable prices!